I AM: Beyond the Diagnosis

When developing this campaign, we were inspired by each patient’s individual story, including Sharon’s positivity and Ann’s tenacity. This led to us creating a campaign to follow their personal journeys with the hope of sharing real-life experiences.When developing this campaign, we were inspired by each patient’s individual story, including Sharon’s positivity and Ann’s tenacity. This led to us creating a campaign to follow their personal journeys with the hope of sharing real-life experiences.


Medical Records



Great Falls Clinic Medical Records
E-mail: medicalrecords@gfclinic.com
Phone: (406) 771-3106

Please read through all the information below as we have recently centralized our medical records request process.

Medical record requests are now handled outside of our facility by ChartRequest using the link and steps listed below.

If you are already familiar with ChartRequest use the green button below to get started.




  1. Click on this link to visit ChartRequest: https://app.chartrequest.com/greatfalls
  2. Follow the steps to create an account using your email address and personal information
  3. Enter request details including patient information and authorization documents for this request and all future requests to obtain records – or to get a status update on an existing request.
  4. Enter payment for records. Please note that all medical record related charges are priced according to local, state, and federal statutes and guidelines.
  5. After you place this request, your records will be available in seventeen business days or sooner.
  6. For questions about the process, contact ChartRequest customer support:
    Email:  support@chartrequest.com  Phone: 888-895-8366 • Fax: 402-218-4831

If you are unable to use the automated system at ChartRequest, please contact us at medicalrecords@gfclinic.com or by calling (406) 771-3106 and we will assist you.

New Patients:

If you are a new patient, please request a copy of your medical records to be sent to your new Great Falls Clinic provider 2 to 4 weeks prior to your visit.

FAQ’s about ChartRequest

How do I request records with ChartRequest?

To request medical records using the ChartRequest platform, login to your account and select “Make a New Request for Records” under the Requests Tab. If you have not yet created an account to request records, you may register on our platform at www.chartrequest.com. Upon email confirmation, you may login to the platform and select “Make a New Request for Records” under the Requests Tab. Select the Provider Organization from which you are requesting records. A request form will pop-up prompting you to input patient information, request details, and optional services. Make sure to upload either a signed HIPAA-compliant release form or authorizing court document – such as a subpoena or court order. After you have finished the form, select “Save and Send to Custodian” to submit your request to the provider.

How will I receive the records I am requesting?

Dependent on the options you selected during the request process, after making payment, you will receive the records you have requested via Fax Return or Instant Download. If Instant Download was selected, log into your account and navigate to the Complete Requests tab. to open your Request and download the files produced If you have made multiple requests, you can use the Search button to find your requests more efficiently. The records will be downloadable PDFs and/or .ZIP files in the event that you requested images.

How do I make payment for this service?

Once the Request has been processed and uploaded, you have the option to pay by credit card or by check. Check the button associated with the method of payment and follow the instructions. If you decide to pay by check, please make the check out to “ChartRequest”, and send it to the address on the top right of the invoice. You can view the invoice by selecting the “Invoice” link within the request form.

How do I get a status update for myself or my client?

It is simple to see the status of an existing request. You can login to your account on ChartRequest.com and view the request for any updates related to the request that is Pending. You will receive an email at each stage of the process and at anytime that we need your help or further clarification regarding the request. Additionally, you can request status via the Provider Chat associated with a request, email support@chartrequest.com with your RequestID in the subject line, or call the customer support phone number (888-895-8366) and speak to a representative or leave a voicemail.

How does ChartRequest price medical record requests?

ChartRequest’s software has pricing algorithms that price based on local, state, and federal statutes. The pricing depends upon various factors, including the amount of time it takes to securely verify, process, QA, and release each medical record request. If you think that pricing is not according to statute or incorrect, please email or call ChartRequest and we will evaluate any/all concerns.

Can I get my records right now or in the next 24 hours?

From our experience, every single request is urgent. However, we have created a “Rush Request” process for those Requestors that need records as soon as possible. Please select the Rush Request service on the Request Form when making the request online and your request will be processed within 24 business hours. Please always feel free to call us at 888-895-8366 to confirm a Rush Request after making the request online.


Authorization for Release of Medical Information – Allows patients to authorize the disclosure of their health information to a designated individual, company, agency, or facility. Autorización De HIPAA Para Divulgar Información Del Paciente

Preferred Contacts – Patients are encouraged to complete and return the Preferred Contacts Form but it is not required. Contactos Preferidos

The Medical Records department does not manage business office requests. For billing or statement inquiries, please contact the Business Office at (406) 771-3175 or view your billing online here.


  • Medical Records
  • Release of Information
  • Progress Notes
  • Abstract/Summary (includes Discharge Summary, History & Physical, Operative Report(s), Consultations & Test Results)