Great Falls Clinic Cancer Center Promotes Cancer Prevention of Exercise

The Great Falls Clinic Cancer Center team members to bring awareness to cancer prevention through exercise by running in the Ice Breaker for the second year in a row! Team members will be participating in all three Ice Breaker races to promote the importance of leading a more active lifestyle. The Cancer Center team have seen first-hand how cancer can affect peoples’ lives and want to showcase one way to lower one’s risk of various cancers.

Dr. Jessica Kaae, a medical oncologist and hematologist of the Cancer Center, explains the correlation of an active lifestyle with cancer risk. “We are increasingly aware of how regular exercise reduces the risk of several types of cancer, most notably breast, colon, endometrial, gastric, kidney, and bladder cancer as well as multiple myeloma, with some studies reporting up to a 20% lifetime risk reduction. Research suggests this benefit is primarily due to reduced inflammation and improved immune function. Additionally, exercise mitigates obesity, a well-established and leading risk factor for malignancy,” She explains. Dr. Kaae further describes more health benefits exercise provides by saying, “also, we know that cancer survivors who exercise regularly have a lower risk of dying from a cancer recurrence, not to mention the benefits for cardiovascular health, sleep quality and mental well-being.”

If you are interested in supporting the Cancer Center race team, please cheer them on at the Icebreaker races on Sunday, April 23 at 1:00 pm for the 5-mile race, 2:00 pm for the 3-mile race, and 3:00 pm for the one-mile race.