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About the Great Falls Clinic:

In 1917, four visionary medical leaders opened a world-class comprehensive health care center, with an integrated team of specialists and a personal approach to wellness—far from an urban center. Today, the Great Falls Clinic proudly provides 24/7 hospital access, diverse specialty medical clinics, urgent care clinics, primary care, a comprehensive cancer center, and highly specialized surgical services. The Great Falls Clinic is committed to improving the health and wellness of our community by striving to provide the best healthcare possible.

As a provider-led organization, the Great Falls Clinic is committed to recruiting exemplary medical staff members, harnessing the power of the latest medical technologies, continually striving for advancement, and above all, working as a team to meet the health needs of the 250,000 residents living in Central Montana.




Delivering compassionate, personalized care to all.


Embracing our legacy by becoming the model healthcare network.

Our Values

  • Service
  • People
  • Integrity
  • Results
  • Innovation
  • Trust

Daily Reminders

  • Model High Performance
  • Respect for the Importance of Standards
  • Passion for Results
  • Provide Timely, Clear & Specific Performance Feedback
  • Teach, Mentor & Coach
  • Demonstrate Integrity
  • Be Authentic
  • Be Curious vs. Judgmental
  • Have Courageous Conversations
  • Engage in Cross-Functional Continuous Improvement

Guiding Principles

  • Respect for Every Individual
  • Lead with Humility
  • Assure Quality at the Source
  • Improve Flow & Pull
  • Seek Perfection
  • Embrace Scientific Thinking
  • Focus on Process
  • Create Value for the Patient
  • Create Constancy of Purpose
  • Think Systematically

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