Ten Great Reasons to Stay Home from School if You’re Feeling Sick

by Great Falls Clinic Pediatrics

10.  Your pediatrician strongly recommends it.

9.  You get to stay home in this freezing weather, or if you prefer enjoy the lovely fall weather.

8.  You get some quiet time alone or with your family.

7.  Your pets will love having you at home.

6.  You’re not spreading your illness (covid19 or other) to your friends.

5.  Your team will thank you for not being the reason they have to quarantine for two weeks AGAIN.

4.  You get to use your cellphone during the day.

3.  Free time to do catch up on your favorite books, shows, or video games.

2.  You get to sleep in.

1.  You will get better faster and can return to school and friends sooner.

With the recent covid19 surge in Montana, the thought of having to quarantine can be daunting for some teens and preteens. If you’re not feeling well, please stay home. The more rest you give your body, the faster you will recover. Also, please remember to get your flu vaccination to protect yourself from this serious illness.