The Great Falls Clinic Radiology Department Adds New MRI Machines and CT Scanner

The Great Falls Clinic is pleased to announce that the Radiology Department replaced its MRI machines and CT scanner with brand new Velocity MRI, SCENARIA View CT, and Oval MRI imaging systems. The new system designs will provide comfortable scanning experience for patients and advanced scanning capabilities for physicians. “The future of the Great Falls Clinic is very bright. Our organization has invested in our community to bring the best technology to provide a remarkable experience for our patients,” states Jeremy Pack, Executive Director of Ancillary Services. The machines are built by Fujifilm which has installed more than 1,500 MRI and CT systems in the United States.

The Echelon Oval 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system features a 74 cm (29.13 in) oval shaped bore. This new shape of MRI, table lowering capabilities, and over 9 feet of lateral table travel offer maximum patient accessibility and accommodation. The high-quality imaging power is further boosted by an array of anatomically specific, optimized receiver coils that allow advanced imaging applications ranging for multiple clinical needs.

The SCENARIA View CT imaging system includes the latest technology in radiation dose reduction features. This CT imaging system offers the latest technology in 128- slice CT and combining enhanced patient safety through advanced technology dose reduction. The patient table lowers for easier patient access and 20cm lateral shifting to improve image quality and safety for patients and technologists. The enlarged 80cm gantry opening increases room for patients.

The Velocity 1.2T MRI system is an open MRI system that works with the most powerful whole body bore-less MRI magnet for high-resolution images. The Velocity offers a comfortable experience for a diverse patient population with a wide table with lowering capabilities, a 270° patient viewing angle, accommodation for patients up to 660 pounds, techniques for imaging around prothesis, and machine noise reduction. The high output gradients, gradient amplifiers providing spatial resolution for short scan times, and Zenith RF coil technology provide optimal image quality with heightened patient comfort. “The whole imaging department is excited to have this up and going,” Pack exclaims.

The Echelon Oval MRI, SCENARIA View CT imaging system, and the Velocity MRI are set in the Radiology Department located in the Specialty Center at 3000, 15th Avenue South. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call (406) 454-2171.

About the Great Falls Clinic:

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